Friday, March 27, 2009

How to make Screen shots from Quicktime Movies with Photoshop.

Here are some photos grabbed off a movie I took. The movie is of a small clay woman's face. The reason for using the sculpture is that I wanted to see what the shadows would look like. There are also so many angles that can be achieved more than on photos. So what I did is used some low lighting and played the movie on Quicktime. Then while on full screen mode I pressed pause. Next I hit Print Scrn button and Opened Photoshop and selected new file. It has settings that are the exact size of the screen shots. On Blank file I select edit paste and save the file. I am planning to use it for my first encaustic painting.

Here are the results.

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  1. Instructions like that are useful, now to make screen shots from quicktime movies with photoshop. is an simple job utilizing your tips. Kudos


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